Stocking Policy 2018

Rainbow Trout in the Stock Pond

The stocking of our hard fighting rainbows averaging 6lb’s will continue as always.  Look on the gallery page to see a selection of the bigger fish that get caught.

This year we have fully restocked our ‘Stonk pond’ with large fully finned specimens from 10lb to 20lb. The largest fish caught in 2013 was 23lb 7oz.

So far the mild winter has really enabled us to pack the weight on our stock fish which will mean a bigger than normal average through the spring.

Both the stock ponds can be viewed and are located on the far side of Willow lake, the larger of the ponds contains our ‘everyday’ stock fish (4-10lb) whilst the smaller pond contains the ‘Dever Doubles’ all of which are 10lb plus, if you look closely you will see a few 20lber’s in there.