Spring 2018

We would recommend using:

    • 6/7 weight outfit with a floating line is ideal, or a 5 weight outfit for a bit more fun when stalking or when distance casting is not required.
    • A minimum of 12ft of leader material in 6-8lb breaking strain.
    • Don’t make the mistake of fishing to deep, in good conditions most fish are caught in the top few feet of water.

 Fly Patterns:

    • By far the best fly at Dever is a Damsel, its on the catch return everyday!
    • Small natural imitations such as bloodworms, hares ears, pheasant tails, montanas and buzzers.
    • Try fishing the buzzer with an indicator.
    • Stalking Bugs when the sun is shinning!
    • Fritz lures cats whiskers and dancers on Willow Lake only.

A roaming approach is usually the most productive, either:

    • Keeping on the move trying to stalk individual fish and then casting, or;
    • Casting ‘blind’ spending a few minutes exploring each swim then moving on.

Stalking can produce the biggest fish at Dever Springs.

 Managers Tip:

We now sell individual Fulling Mill flies so we can suggest the best pattern for the day.