Dever Springs get together in February 2012

February 1, 2012 in News


The weather over the previous 10 days had been cold and boy do I mean cold. I had spent the previous week teaching two clients and we had run out of “thermals”, each day putting on more layers in an attempt to stay warm and failing. A few days before the event the weather men had promised that things should warm up but during the drive up on the Friday afternoon of this there was no evidence. When about halfway up the A303 I, in my infinite wisdom decided that the windscreen needed clearing of the accumulated salt etc that had been spread on the road so set the wipers in motion and watched as the nearside wiper flung itself off with gay abandon only to be flattened by the lorry that was behind. Oh joy, botheration and bless my soul. Having obtained a replacement I then replaced said wiper and with hands that were by now without any feeling whatsoever continued the drive. A few miles down the road and my drive was now being accompanied by a rather “heavy” metallic knocking sound. Pulling in again and checking what I could i,e, nothing hanging off and a wheel on each corner I continued but at a much slower pace. Upon my arrival at the Hotel the cause of the noise was found to be a landing net (of which I had brought 4) banging against the side of the car. Check in and await the arrival of the others. Shortly I received a phone call from Tony to say that he was at the fishery and that the lakes were totally free of ice. At about 7pm I went outside to get some food and to say the temperature had dropped was an understatement, it was freezing. The rest of the party checked in and we spent the evening chatting about the approach to the following day. Just prior to retiring for the night I popped outside for my last cigarette and felt as if I had walked into a blast freezer, the cars were now all covered with a layer of ice, not frost but ice.