Dever Springs Rules

Fishery Rules

    • A valid ticket must be purchased before fishing and fishing is not to begin until 8am
    •  Landing nets and priests must be carried and used responsibly
    •  No shared rods
    •  All anglers must fill in the catch return with individual fish weights before they leave the fishery
    •  Anglers must use the individual pegs and must not encroach on their fellow anglers
    •  Suitable clothing must be worn at all times
    •  No mobile phones to be used on the lakes and river banks
    •  Do not leave lengths of leader and other litter around the fishery
    • NO DOGS
    • Anglers must have a valid (non migratory Trout & Coarse) rod licence 

Lake Rules

    • All fish caught must be retained (no catch and release)
    •  Use of less than 6lb b.s. leader is strictly prohibited
    •  Maximum hook size 8, dressed length not to exceed 1 inch
    •  SPRING LAKE: Floating line only, single wet or dry fly – NO LURES
    •  WILLOW LAKE: Sinking or floating line, any single fly method

River Rules – (open 1st May – 31st October)

    • Free to fish with any lake ticket and bag limit not completed.
    •  Strictly catch and release only
    •  Strictly upstream dry fly until August then upstream dryfly and nymph
    •  Hook size must not exceed size 12 and must be barbless, no longshank nymphs
    •  No wading